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Station Usage Procudures

 Station Usage Procedures


Madawaska Valley Public Library provides computer use  and wireless internet free of charge. Computers are turned on 1/2 hour after opening and are shut down 1/2 hour before closing, however, wireless connection is available during open hours.


  1. Computers can be booked by signing in at the front desk with a librarian or attendant.
  2. If you wish to reserve a computer session for a specific time you can do so by phoning the library.
  3. Computers are booked for  30 minute sessions. An additional 30 minutes can be booked but will be dependent on availabilty. Computers are available for a maximum of 1 hour of use per day per person.
  4. Printing is available at a cost of .25 /page.
  5. Headphones must be used if listening to music or video clips.
  6. As per the Madawaska Valley Public Library Use of Internet and Electronic Media Policy, persons using the computers will not misuse or abuse computers or programs, and will not install programs or software or alter computer settings.


Misuse of the computer, including violation of any of the rules, will result in the loss of privilege.