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If you wish to obtain a membership, you must apply for one at the Madawaska Valley Public Library and show valid Identification (example: Driver's Licence) at the time. Regular memberships expire after two years and must be renewed in person at the library. At this time, you must also pay any outstanding fees. You will not be granted a renewal if you have any outstanding fines or overdue books. Please see below for more specific information on becoming a member.

Residents of the Madawaska Valley Township

Any residents or ratepayers of the Madawaska Valley Township may apply for a free membership at the Madawaska Valley Public Library. If you own a cottage or any property in the Township of Madawaska Valley there will be no charge, but you must provide proof that you own property or reside in this township.

Residents of Brudenell, Lyndoch, Raglan

Brudenell, Lyndoch & Raglan contracts with the Madawaska Valley Public Library for library services and therefore residents & property owners may apply for a free membership. Proof of residency is required for a library membership.


If you are a non-resident, (i.e. not from any of the above townships) you may still apply to be a member of the library for a fee of $30.00 per family per year or $10.00 for 3 months.

Age Requirements

  • A person of any age may become a member of the Barry's Bay and Area Public Library
  • Ages 1-12 will obtain a children's card and must have a parent sign for them
  • Ages 13 -17 will receive a Young Adults card
  • Ages 18+ will receive an Adult's Card.